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The Universal Health Care Action Network - Minnesota (UHCAN-MN) is a grassroots, education/resource/research center and action network, empowering communities to create fundamental health care system change in Minnesota and the United States.

Why a Minnesota Universal Health Care Program?

Under a Minnesota Universal Health Care System, one payer (a board of consumers) not hundreds of insurance companies, HMOs and government programs reimburses doctors, hospitals and other providers. The Minnesota Universal Health Care System would set fee schedules for individual providers and budgets for hospitals.

Current System Universal Health Care Plan
Causes High Administrative Waste: High insurance company overhead, high executive salaries and excessive provider paperwork. Cuts Administrative Waste: Providers would be reimbursed by one payer only, not hundreds of insurance companies.
Causes High Fees and Prices: High prescription drug prices, hospital stays and doctor fees. Cuts High Fees and Prices: Sets fee schedules for practitioners and budgets for hospitals.
Creates Excess Capacity: Duplicate machinery and empty hospital beds Cuts Excess Capacity: Hospitals would have to submit budgets to the one payer.

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UHCAN-MN believes the following principles are fundamental to any health care reform:

Educating the public to encompass these eight principles from which to evaluate universal health care policy proposals is our top priority. Evidence-based, authoritative research and experience worldwide, indicates the single-payer model (everybody in, nobody out) as the best way to achieve a reformed system.

UHCAN-MN is also committed to educating for changes in other legislative proposals and existing programs to ensure greater consistency with the eight principles and to move the programs or proposals closer to reforming the health care system.

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"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."   - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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